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Whilst we prefer to get involved as early as possible in the technology adoption life-cycle, we are adept at getting on board and adding value wherever you are on your journey.

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Insurance Provider

In-sourcing Customer Communications Management

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Customer Communications Service Provider

Migrating to new strategic service platform

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Secure Communications Service Provider

Building a PCI complaint service platform from scratch

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Insurer In-sources CCM


As part of a comprehensive platform refresh, this leader in home assistance services acquired a suite of Quadient Inspire software.  Having worked with Delgiva consultants for a number of years, we were the obvious partner to turn the theorectical promise of the new CCM technology into practice. 

Key challenges

Amongst the many challenges, the following stand out:

  • Establish an effective CCM team by supplementing internal employees with expert external resource
  • Determine ways of working within the Marketing Operations team
  • Implementing & integrating the Inspire suite as part of a major IT transformation programme
  • Delivering all the above whilst maintaining business as usual operations

Delgiva value

Leaning on an intimate understanding of the client business (people, processes, systems and 3rd party relationships), coupled to our CCM and software expertise, Delgiva was able to deliver the following:

  • Infrastructure architecture validation
  • End to end application architecture design (real-time & batch)
  • Enterprise platform integration support
  • CCM team profiling and recruitment support
  • CCM team forming and building
  • Agile methodology introduction, training, mentoring and championing
  • Application build and implementation oversight
  • Service transition support


From tender decision to a high performing, fully operational CCM team, Delgiva has been there every step of the way.  As the value of CCM coupled to strong processes takes root across the business our relationship continues to develop and flourish.

Up-coming activities include:

  • Transitioning out of 'programme mode' into BAU
  • Broadening the reach of the agile methodology into other departments to improve overall efficiency
  • Facilitate marketing transformation initiatives
  • Delivering next best action through omni-channel communications
  • Integrating the supply chain 

In their own words

Supported by our vision and technology expertise, see the following article in the client's own words

Service Provider migrates to new CCM platform


Driven by an overarching solutions strategy and specific client project needs, this leading UK Outsourced Services Provider chose Delgiva to support migration and implementation programmes for a new CCM solution platform.   

Key challenges

Embracing an environment where new enterprise client wins constantly challenge direction and delivery timelines, remaining flexible and agile have been essential in addressing the following challenges:     

  • Implementing the strategic vision within the constraints of very aggressive end client project timescales
  • Translating the vision into infrastructure and application architectures to support 3 distinct business models
  • Validating solution provider proposals and shaping licencing models
  • Virtualised deployment spanning dual datacentres (for resilience and disaster recovery) and multiple development centres & production facilities across the UK
  • Adapting and scaling the capability footprint to support new business
  • Integrating with emerging service/solution capabilities as part of the broader service portfolio.
  • Co-existence, transition and retirement of existing/legacy capabilities without impacting BAU service  

Delgiva value

Delgiva were engaged on the basis of CCM domain expertise and in particular experience of the chosen technology platform (Quadient).  Thus far we have delivered:

  • Infrastructure architecture validation
  • End to end application architecture designs for three different operating models (transactional real-time & batch and direct marketing)
  • Integration design and implementation for other related service lines
  • Solution design, design authority & implementation support for 3 headline implementations:
    • Existing client migration onto new platform to gain access to self-service capability and greater channel flexibility
    • New client implementation with integration between new client (Guidewire) Insurance platform and the new CCM platform
    • New “on premise” deployment of the CCM platform within a large UK government department integrated with service provider fulfilment services 
  • Supporting existing development and operational support teams through transition and skills transfer
  • Acting as go-between for dev and ops teams and infrastructure, network and enterprise architecture functions
  • Establishing support and maintenance regimes
  • Technology SME support for new prospect opportunities and solution evolution


From selection of the new CCM platform at the end of 2015 through to current day, Delgiva has been integral to the successful implementation of the technology into the business and continue to support achieving critical project milestones.  

Service Provider achieves & retains PCI accreditations


Building on an existing client relationship, this UK marketing services business chose Delgiva to support them from feasibility through to live operation of a range fully compliant and accredited (ISO27001, PCI-DSS & PCI Card) services.  

Key challenges

This service provider had developed a strong track record for delivery and innovation with a key financial services client. However, extending the relationship into a completely new area, one regulated by particularly exacting standards, brought a wide range of environmental, technical and people/process challenges. In simple terms these boiled down to:    

  • Achieving full compliance including separate accreditation by Visa, MasterCard, Amex and client approval before being permitted to go live
  • Maintaining and retaining compliance through a full audit cycle  

Delgiva value

Over an initial 9 month period from feasibility to go-live and then through a year of compliance monitoring and a full cycle of re-audits, Delgiva delivered the following.  

  • Creation of compliant designs, physical & logical to underpin the end to end service
  • Establishment of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) with a full set of supporting processes
  • Engagement with relevant external QSAs (Qualified Security Assessors)
  • Engagement with the card schemes (Visa, MasterCard & Amex)
  • Engagement with client security teams
  • Leading compliance gap analysis and remediation of designs
  • Supporting compliant technology selection activity
  • Design authority for solution build and ISMS implementation
  • Leading pre-audit assessment and remediation of any remaining compliance gaps
  • Leading successful completion of formal audits and remediation activities as pre-requisite to go live (12 in total per cycle)
  • Compliance monitoring post go-live 
  • Assimilating and adapting to standards version changes between audit cycles 
  • Leading successful first cycle of formal re-audits
  • Supporting recruitment of key security roles including CISO


With revenue generation riding on a full suite of successful compliance accreditations, Delgiva were instrumental in achieving the target go-live date as well as retention of all accreditations 1 year later.