Steve Clarke

I have spent the first 30+ years of my career (perish the thought!) in technology services companies, helping organisations identify, implement and exploit solutions to deliver positive change.   

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Damian Rushton

Damian Rushton

I am a passionate consultant with over 15 years experience of delivering projects using Lean and Agile methodologies. In addition to guiding organisations through the implementation of these methodologies, I practice what I preach. 

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Steve Clarke, Founder

Over the course of a career spent mostly embedded in client organisations, I have developed innate ability to assimilate businesses and uncover opportunities to strengthen existing solutions and introduce new innovations.

Making it real

For me, no matter how big the theoretical promise of new technology, it is important to truly understand the environment into which it is to be introduced in order to get the best out of it. This means getting to grips with business goals, culture, structure, people, processes and systems as well as real-life operational constraints. Unless you invest in this level of understanding it limits the translation of the theory into tangible results.   


Smart outcomes frequently challenge established norms and comfort zones.  Therefore I firmly believe that humility and sensitivity are equal with objectivity in establishing solid foundations of trust at all levels of a client relationship. Partnership is an over-used and abused term. The biggest compliment we can get is to be considered part of your team.

These are cornerstones of the Delgiva culture and approach. 

Previous roles

  • Co-founder & Director, DocCentrics
  • Director of Technology, Capita Communications
  • Director of Information Solutions Design, Williams Lea
  • Head of Consulting & Project Mangaement, Astron (edotech)

Damian Rushton, CSPO

Technology solutions aim to automate your processes and are often seen as the answer to businesses’ desire to be more efficient.  However, automating inefficient or broken processes leads to a faster way to fail.  An important step when implementing technology is to remove wasteful, non-value adding activities from your existing processes.  This will not only lead to immediate gains, but ensure a smoother transition onto the new technology platform.  

With my experience in leading and facilitating process mapping workshops, we can help you identify the waste in your current processes so that they are ready for your technology implementation.  

Practice what I preach

The roles I can take include but are not limited to:

  • Representing the requirements of business stake-holders to agile delivery teams
  • Facilitating iteration planning, retrospective and demos 
  • Reaching out to the broader company & client network for impediment removal
  • Maintaining relevant metrics that measure performance
  • Coaching and mentoring product owners and scrum masters
  • Ensure consistent ways of working across the teams
  • Liaison between developers and user experience/visual designers
  • Foster better communication between the disciplines.
  • Acting as a project manager when necessary
  • Managing dependencies on third parties or between different delivery teams
  • Strengthen the profile of Agile teams
  • Actively contribute to Agile and Lean Communities